The vGallery (vG) is a concept that I have been thinking about for a very long time and am finally putting all the pieces together for people to enjoy. The goal is to continue to fine-tune the content over the next several years to make sure there are no performance issues. I hope that you appreciate the evolution of the concept and share it with as many people as you like. Thanks in advance for your participation as I attempt to find the intersection that exists between space and time, to create meaningful relationships with ideas of thought, something with more substance. Start fresh again. Not completely over, but again, into an evolved state and rhythm. At this point, the overall objective is to involve and engage as many participants as I can to think about the concept of nature vs. machine and what part does nurture or our bodies, play in it?

Ever since I can remember, my artistic life has been a real struggle and a true on-again-off-again relationship. In 2007, I began spending most my energy toward this side of my life, while putting commercial efforts on hold. The reason is, really quite simple. Life is basically, a battle between creation and destruction. Trying to exist in both the business world and the art world is even more of a challenge. Typically, it is one or the other, and when you get these groups together, things do not mix as expected. Both industries, are extremely competitive and most have a difficult time understanding each other’s work style, plus what it takes to make it. Finding the right balance between disciplines and allowing the collaboration is necessary. Taking a multi-disciplinary approach and learning many different types of skills is what I enjoy the most.


Since Q1 of 2001, I have been working as, what I now call a STRATEGIC ARTIST; Consulting, Contracting, and Freelancing on numerous Projects with all types of Creative/Clients, in many different locations. Most of my commercial work consists of designing teams and managing Clients through the strategic process, then developing media in order, for them to help communicate their identity to Consumers and Business Professionals. I have also had the opportunity to explore a more artistic direction by participating in a number, of different Art Shows helping to experiment with new concepts.

FOR HIRE: I started in Promotions, then was trained for Account Management and now have a greater role in developing the Strategic Direction and Creative. For larger projects, teams are designed to fit the needs of a Client. So I am, able to offer just about any Service related to Marketing, Advertising or Promotion. Each job is different and usually takes anywhere 3-6 months to 1yr for completion. I now apply these same skills in making works of art and occasionally take on projects of interest.

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